Square Peg ● Round Hole







I step on the shore of tradition.   While I grew up in a home that thrived on holiday customs, I have yet to adopt any.    Actually, I really didn’t think about it until yesterday while out with the boys.

In an effort to get into the Christmas spirit, I secured seats at the theater to see The Christmas Carol.  Of course, I hadn’t seen it in over 25 years at least.  My parents took me frequently as I grew up and I realized that I had never taken my own children.   The boys were actually looking forward to it.  Bryce, since he has gotten the theater bug, has been eager to see other stage productions while Bailey loves pretty much anything.   Put a ghost in it and it ranks high on his list of things to see.

We headed downtown, parked, and grabbed lunch beforehand.    In the midst of waiting for our food, the conversation led to the topic of traditions.  I talked about the things that my family did growing up.  The day after Thanksgiving we always dressed up and headed to the department stores downtown.  We had lunch, perused the stores, and gazed at all the holiday decorations.   It is one of my favorite memories.  So as the exchange continued, I began to question what the hell are my boys going to remember since I really don’t invest in any particular tradition.   But then I realized that having no traditions is our thing.   Each holiday season is different.  Last year we served the homeless, this year we are seeing a holiday production, and every year I change our Christmas morning routine.

Both the boys were baffled at my startling revelation of having no established customs.  They didn’t feel that it has impacted their childhood negatively.  Thank goodness because my financial future doesn’t include additional therapy for my offspring.   Maybe my family tradition is simply the element of surprise.    We never have fit into the Norman Rockwell of holiday fanfare, but then again, no one does.

Everyone has their own box of memories.   They are so unique that most living in the same household don’t match.    So while the holidays hold a different vibe each year, I can count on my family to simply go along for the ride.