Square Peg ● Round Hole







Life is a series of connections.   We seek out others to be connected to, remain connected with, and then sometimes, there is a breaking of the connection.   In a world where social media dominates, the human connection sometimes takes a backseat.   Face to face interaction is the only way to remain truly insync.  Sure, Facebook is fantastic for keeping up with one another, but there is nothing like a live conversation that stirs the heart.  A lost art that seemingly has evaporated into thin air.

It is a practice of mine to gather with those in my tribe or perhaps have a phone conversation that eliminates the miscommunication that seems to happen while texting.  I love when I hear someone say, “I don’t know what they mean by this text.  Maybe they are mad.”  Gee, why don’t you do something we used to do in the 1990s……..call them.   My oldest – who has Down syndrome – has a daily set schedule with his best friend to call each other.  Their times are 4 and 7.    Unless, they have other plans, I can hear him connecting with his BFF.    They are a good example of how to navigate relationships in a world that encourages limited personal interaction.

Miscommunication has almost become the norm.  Nobody knows what anyone means.  It is kind of laughable in a way.  Between the news and other mainstream sources, we swim in a sea of deciphering what is real and what is false.   They blend together so well that it is almost mimics the game show “To Tell The Truth”.    It really isn’t anyone’s fault. It is simply us moving with the times.   For the new year, I am spending time connecting, reconnecting, and possibly disconnecting in an effort to nurture the relationships that are valuable and clearing the ones that have run their course.    In a world where one on one interaction has become extinct, I am searching for the conversation that doesn’t involve emojis.   I am leaning toward individuals who can be clear in their communication versus leaving one to interpretation.    This year I am pledging more time spent with those in my tribe versus the screen that has magically taken their place.  This year I am looking for the personal versus impersonal approach to relationships.