Square Peg ● Round Hole







We often talk about Bailey getting his own place.   Most people ask me if I will be sad when he goes.  Maybe on some level, but then there are moments where I literally want to have a countdown clock.   You see, even with the extra chromosome of love aka Down Syndrome, he can be a conniving delight.   If you lived with him on a daily basis, you would see that my observations are not exaggerated by any stretch of the imagination.

We have had some issues with our older cat having some accidents outside of her little box.  Nothing major, but I do ask for those who inhabit the lower level to alert me.   Sometimes I check myself because these people are nose blind.   Yesterday, I went down and she had done her business on an area rug, so I promptly but it in the washer.  Later, when Bailey got up, he asked about Lilo.  I informed him that indeed she had an accident, but that I had taken care of it.   “Good.  I had seen it before I went to bed, but was too lazy to clean it up.”     Well, an A for honesty.   I ask him, “What are you going to do when you move out and get a cat of your own,”.    “Oh, I will just wait for you to come over and clean it up.  After all, you will be bringing my groceries anyway.”     He is grinning at me.   You might think he is kidding he is not.

There are moments when I believe he is ready to move out and then there are moments that I want him to move out.  Both have varying degrees of emotions.    He already has rules for his “new home” which include his father spending Friday and Saturday nights with him for a guys only event.  (YEAH ME!!!)   The rules for me are slightly more detailed as I will apparently be delivering groceries, chauffeuring him, and cleaning his place.  Pretty much what I do here.    I laugh at him because the kid cooks himself, does his own laundry, and vacuums, but he insists that he only says these things so I won’t miss him too much.    Isn’t he adorable?

It will be a few years before he is ready to venture out on his own.  In the meantime, I am sure he will add more to my responsibilities in an effort to include me.   While that is sweet, I would be fine to be excluded from the festivities.