Square Peg ● Round Hole







“Can you tell me about the 80s?”  I gasped for air as my youngest son inquired about what I consider the best of times and the worst of times.   It was a blend of big hair and questionable fashion choices but the movies and music made up for it.  I had to take a step back because it wasn’t like he was actually interested in my life in the 1980s, but rather identifying tidbits for a play at school…….Rock of Ages.   I was ready to reminisce.

“What is Whitesnake?”   “You don’t think I will have to have a mullet for this play, do you?” Considering last year when he had to shave his head, anything is possible.  There were a litany of other inquiries where I was able to time travel in my mind.  The funny thing is that his generation has been listening to music from the 80s for a while.  Journey has been a staple along with Survivor, REO Speedwagon, just to name a few.    But, now that he is in a play, the 80s is considered “cool”.     I asked him if he knew what “Aquanet” was, and he looked at me funny.  I am still amazed that no one’s hair blew up in an explosive ball of fire.   The smell still haunts me.     Any song he asked about, I would start singing.   By the end of our 80s night relived, I think he was both frightened and informed.    I hope they are alright with me singing along with them as they perform.   Bryce has already warned me not to do anything to embarrass him, but I really don’t take him too seriously.

Isn’t it grand when our children ask about our past with interest?   Okay, so it was more for research, but I will take anything I can get.    The 80s………they were the best of times and they were the worst of times.    Maybe after this play, he will have respect for the era that brought big hair and The Preppy Handbook to the forefront.