Square Peg ● Round Hole







In a world where we are barraged by noisy chatter, sometimes I hear someone speaking their truth.    Personally, I have a motto where I pledge to have no opinion on outside issues.  Outside being those issues not residing in my hula hoop.   By not participating, I only have the capability to focus on me versus being distracted by someone else’s cause or conflict.  With that being said, I support those who not only own their truth, but have the courage to speak it.   It isn’t always popular when you place yourself in a vulnerable state, but that is the risk one has to take.

Recently, I read a thread of a friend who was speaking their truth on an issue that happened with them.   It was highly publicized and of course, lots of opinions where shared.   Some people were angry that this was made public while others were in full support of her speaking her truth.   What I found interesting were the people berating her because she spoke up.  Her words were eloquent.  They weren’t in anyway negative but merely semantics used to share her own very personal experience.    And while I have no opinion one way or the other, I did comment on the post.   I applauded her for speaking her truth, but recognized that with her courage came intense grief and loss.  This wasn’t a situation she took lightly.  It wasn’t with malicious intent that she shared.  It was simply her standing up for what she believed to be an injustice.

I believe in picking your battles.  I believe that when you are passionate about a situation, speaking up is an obligation.   But sharing in a way that is productive versus harmful is key.  That is where the line is blurred.  Fueled by emotion, exchanges can get personal and the issue at hand gets lost in the attack.    What I keep reminding myself and others is that we are all in this together.  We might not agree on everything, but our primary spiritual purpose is to give each other the dignity to stand up for our own beliefs.     We are all humans doing the best we can.  Try to remember that the next time you come upon someone speaking their truth.  Agree or disagree…….we can support each other regardless.