Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am in the groove of receiving.    Lots of opportunities to write are coming my way.  Some are unexpected and I might have been underwhelmed when they arrived.  It is interesting what God presents to me that I would have never thought of for myself.  But, instead of questioning the irony, in some cases, I simply am saying, “thank you”.   Just another reminder that I don’t have a clue what is best for me or my career path.

One offer, I was on the cusp of saying no.   Really, I was kind of being snobbish thinking that the writing opportunity offered was beneath me.   But, then my ego stepped aside.  I was able to see that any writing gig presented provides chances to continue practicing my craft and get paid.   I mean, seriously, who says no to money?    Well, I was about to.  The art of receiving and practicing gratitude is all a part of my process.

I forget that God has this plan and all I need to do is follow it.  Taking chances on things that I would not have picked for me, opens up more doors of endless opportunities.    Sometimes instead of fighting the current, I simply to need to flow with it.