Square Peg ● Round Hole







I look up at the clock and am surprised that it is 11:09 pm on New Year’s Eve.  Normally, I have been asleep for at least two hours, but I was hypnotized by a book that I couldn’t put down.   At the notion that I would possibly be awake to welcome the new year, my eyelids got heavy as if tiny cement blocks were laying on them.  My brain basically said, “Hell, to the no”, and I was asleep by 11:35.    Per the norm, I was rudely woken up by two Bassets who don’t take into careful consideration that I might want to sleep or perhaps that going outside in the frigid tundra has no appeal at all, but they are both inconsiderate canines who are very self-centered.   And no, they don’t even fathom waking up anyone else.  I suppose I am either their favorite or the one they most like to irritate.  I stumbled down the hall, slipped on my heavy coat and UGGS and ventured outside to take my delightful friends potty.  On the way, I noticed the time.   Assuming it was around 3 am, I was surprised to see that it was 12:01 am.   Seriously, I only been asleep for 26 minutes.

As I opened the side door, Bailey peered out of his lower level bedroom with a grin on his face, “Happy New Year!” he exclaims.  I, already annoyed in the first few minutes of 2018, struggle a smile and replied with fake enthusiasm, “Happy New Year”.  Earlier in the day, Bailey had asked us if we were going to watch the ball drop.  Brian and I both laughed and laughed as that is not something that normally happens.   He went on to tell Brian he couldn’t watch any shows with him as he would be focused on watching the ball drop.  We had to explain that this was not an all day event.   God love Bailey.   He views the world in the literal sense.

So, I managed to encourage the dogs to hurry especially since I heard the faint sound of fireworks and some reveler screaming, “Happy New Year”.  Keep in mind that it is 5 degrees with a wind chill below 0.   Presley was oblivious to the sound which was good because otherwise, I would have endured hours of her panicked state.

The new year is now upon us and while I welcomed it in a unconventional fashion, I hope it wasn’t offended by my lack of enthusiasm.   With any type of change, I have to warm up to it.  Once we get used to each other, then I can embrace it with more conviction.    In the meantime, cheers to 2018, may it not suck.