Square Peg ● Round Hole







I always thought that the bible exaggerated the whole “40 days and 40 nights of rain”, but living in Louisville, Kentucky, I feel that it has come to fruition. It has become pointless to even clean the kitchen floor because it is littered minutes afterwards with well-meaning Basset hounds tracking their paw prints all over the room. Our backyard would be ideal for mud wrestling.

Last night was a twist on extreme weather. Buckets of rain fell to the point that there was a flash flood emergency and oh, our flood warning put in place on Thursday was marked indefinite. That’s new. There were lot of moments that I have felt powerless, but watching water creep up our front lawn and come up through the floor in our basement, has to rate a solid top ten showing. But, my gratitude is not only how fortunate we were in the midst of this water event, but our ability to together without losing our shit. Everyone except Bailey who sat on his bed listening to his music and was overly annoyed that his shower routine was postponed due to the “squish” sound that was heard when walking on the tiles in the downstairs bathroom. Bailey doesn’t have any time for one of Mother Nature’s tantrums.

I was up and down all night as waves of torrential rain moved through. I watched our street recede and then flood once again. I periodically checked the basement where every towel in the house had been laid on the floor. It was really a moment of complete surrender. But, today is a new day. The rain has moved on, our sump pump continues to work vigorously, and I will spend a good chunk of the day doing towels along with drying out the floors. But for right now, caffeine seems to be the way to start.