Square Peg ● Round Hole







The past few days have been a pool of discomfort.    We are faced, yet again, with another school shooting.   I am not sure what the solution is, but I do know that it will continue unless something changes.   We are all working through this in our own way, but most of what I am seeing isn’t really helpful.  There are a lot of opinions, but not any action.   So, while that continues to take on another life, I must concentrate on what I can do in my own corner of the world.

When I feel like the outside world is out of control, I find myself focusing on what I can manage.  Even the most simple task, I conquer it.  For some reason, it makes the stuff on the outside a little bit more manageable.    It allows me to do all the next right things in an effort to not project into the future with my worst case scenarios.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to get out of my own stuff and help a friend.   It wasn’t like I did anything major.  I was simply acting in a capacity of support.    I have learned that just being present is enough.    That being supportive doesn’t necessarily warrant words.   It is just about showing up for someone else.

We are all doing the best we can.   I think we forget that we are all on the same team   This isn’t a competition and no one is getting out alive.     So how can I best serve?  By showing up, being present, being supportive, not soliciting advice unless asked, and most importantly, don’t take things personally.    Also, I  sprinkle in some kindness and compassion along the way., otherwise, it is simply exhausting when I am trying to control the universe.  I think I will leave that shit to my Higher Power.