Square Peg ● Round Hole







There are components to senior year that I believe are a right of passage.  It starts with getting your ring junior year and then proceeds to a variety of things that lead to graduation day.   One of those experiences is senior prom.   Bryce isn’t a dater.   He has gone to a few dances, but honestly, doesn’t have the time for it.  For me, I am grateful.  The horror stories of girl drama that I have heard makes me relieved that, so far, he has escaped its grasp.  However, the topic of senior prom has surfaced and we are currently at an impasse.

A letter came from his high school regarding getting measured for tuxes that they will be wearing for graduation.   It went on to say that if you get a prom tux at the same time you will receive a discount.   Prom is in four weeks and he is in his standard mode of acting as if he doesn’t want to go.   Last year, he waited until the very last moment to acquire a date for junior prom.    I am trying to stay out of the way.

Sometimes I have to reflect on whether I want him to go for him or for me.  I can get into the whole, what will others think if he doesn’t go?   What if he has regrets for not attending?    In essence, I need to get the hell out of the way.  I need to allow him to figure it out on his own.   I do well most days.   When I explained that I simply don’t want him to look back on this moment and have regrets.  He looked at me and said, “Then it will be my regret to have not yours,”.   Ummm……..geez………he seriously is more mature than I am and so very wise.   His experiences are for him not me.

So, for now, he isn’t going to prom.  That may change.  Similar to the weather pattern in Kentucky, I am prepared to expect the unexpected.    More will be revealed, but for me, I just need to step aside and let it unfold.