Square Peg ● Round Hole







The scenery of my life seems to change as frequently as the weather.   A balmy eighty degrees yesterday warranted the appearance of my battle ropes.   Hibernating for the winter, I brought those bad boys out in an effort to embrace the abnormally warm February day. It is such a great release when I can pound those ropes to the ground.

After my workout, my youngest informs me of his decision regarding prom.  “It might not surprise you that I have decided to not attend prom.  I just don’t see a point spending all that money on someone I barely know.”    I shook my head in agreement with everything he said and then the most mind-blowing statement.  “My high school experience is not defined by prom.”   That, my friends, is maturity beyond what I experience in the outside world on a good day.   To have that insight.  To be able to march to his own drummer is something that I literally just figured out.  I mean, hello, my whole life has been a mix of trying to fit in.  Never mind what I really wanted to do.  It was all about other people.   He has realized that honoring his truth is his primary purpose.    Both of my boys continue to be my greatest teachers.

While he seems ready to grab life by the throat, I am reminded that he is still a work in progress – like we all are.   Unfortunately,  I had to purchase a pair of Converse shoes for him to wear in his high school production, “Rock of Ages”.   “Mom, these aren’t going to work.  You can see my socks through the laces and it looks weird.”   I went to look at what he was talking about and realized that he was not utilizing the tongue of the shoe.  “Umm…….how about using the tongue?  I think that will solve your issue.”   Those are the moments where I know he still needs a little assistance just like we all do.