Square Peg ● Round Hole







There is a disorder in life called “jumping to conclusions”. It can affect anyone at anytime. It is sneaky and completely robs you of faith that all is well and that everything works out as the big guy upstairs sees fit. I still get that annoying “jumping to conclusion” disorder and it usually shows up with his friend fear. At least, that is what I experienced yesterday.

I received a text from one of Bailey’s bosses asking me to stop in while dropping him off for work. My first thought is “Shit, now I have to find him another job” because I have experienced twenty-two years of people wanting to have a chat about my son and it normally doesn’t end well. Every mother with a special needs child gets this feeling. Sometimes I wonder if I have a slight version of PTSD. I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop, so for three hours before the actually meeting, I was jumpy. So, I cleaned, I talked to other individuals so I could reason it out, I nourished myself…….I did all the next right things to care for me. Oh, and I prayed because I don’t do anything without God.

Bailey had no idea what his bosses wanted although he did say, “they miss you and want to say hi”. Yeah, I was pretty sure that wasn’t it. His two bosses sat down with me and explained the situation. It wasn’t work-related per say, but more of a social situation. Apparently, Bailey was talking about the Civil War and slavery in an effort to make conversation. But, the conversation veered to my adorable son basically telling his coworker that he knows all about his “history” of being a slave and coming from Africa. Fortunately his coworker thinks enough of him to talk to his bosses about it in an effort to save Bailey from offending someone. Of course, his intention wasn’t malicious or offensive, but his coworker wanted to make sure that someone else wouldn’t take his casual conversation the wrong way.

Here is what is so beautiful about the situation…..his bosses wanted my input. They wanted me to help them figure out a way to explain this to Bailey. Because he loves history so much, we shared with him that sometimes talking about the past can be emotional for some individuals. The whole discussion ended beautifully. Bailey explained that he wasn’t trying to hurt his coworker and that he would be careful next time. And his bosses…..oh my…….they were so loving and kind. My fear dissolved. It was confirmation that he is in the right place. A place where he is loved. A place where they go beyond his work and help him with his social skills as well.

While I will always suffer from the “jumping to conclusion” disorder, I am grateful that God shows me that he has everything under control because I sure don’t. A little faith goes a long way.