Square Peg ● Round Hole







“I am obsessed with watching television today,” my mother said as she answered the phone.   Me, thinking that there was some new Netflix show was immediately intrigued.  “So, tell me what show you are watching.”   She went on a long dissertation about the new information coming out about Russia being involved in our election.  About five words into her speech, my mind wandered.   I thought about the ocean, our spring break vacation, and what I was eating for dinner.     Slowly, I eased back in when I realized that she had finished.  Her last words that I actually heard were, “You really need to be informed.”   Do I?   Do I really?

Okay, I am informed.   I know the basics because as I see it, most of the information floating around isn’t exactly reliable.    Everyone has an agenda.   So, I limit my contact with media sources.  Some may label me as uninterested or hiding from the reality of our society.   That label would be false.   I am interested.  I am informed.  What I am not is obsessed.   There is a difference friends.  You see, I have a life to live.

You will notice that I don’t plug my own political agenda on social media.  You will notice that I am smart enough to realize that my posting everyday on what I believe will not change anyone’s mind.    Part of my emotional sobriety is to take what I like and leave the rest.  The energy in our country is so negative.   If I don’t engage, then I am not contributing to the toxicity.   Do I have opinions?  Sure, I have a shit ton, but I just don’t vomit them on people.    My screaming or posting incessantly will not change the dynamic of our reality.

Experience tells me that everyone has the right to do whatever they choose to do.   Which means I have the right to disengage for my own emotional well-being.   It isn’t as though I am hiding from the what is going on, it merely means that I am living my own authentic life sprinkled with a dash of serenity.