Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am at the point of my life that when I look at the calendar and see I have something planned at night, I frown.   There was a time where activity at night was the fuel to getting through the week.   I was the queen of the night.  (I was going to say lady of the evening, but then you might think my past consisted of me being a hooker, which was not on my career path.)   Those days have passed.   Part of the reason is that I enjoy just being quiet, reading a book, and being with my family.   I get excited when our weekend is completely free, but I will have to say there are moments that I will rally for.  Last night was one of them.

This week has been crazy.  So, when I received a text on Tuesday from one of my friends asking about dinner plans before seeing comedian, Jim Gaffigan, I was confused.  I was thinking that my poor friend had the date wrong.  My calendar indicated that it was a month away.    The reality was……I was wrong.   Nothing deflates me more than realizing I have plans when there was nothing written down.  But, the friends we were going with are two of my favorite people and there would be food before, plus I needed a little humor. The setup was ideal.  Dinner at 5:15 and the show at 7 which means, ladies and gentlemen, my delightful self would be in my pajamas by 10.    The best part was laughing until I cried.  His humor is so spot on, relatable, and most of all, free of any talk about what is going on in our world today.   It was a pleasant detour.

So, this morning I woke up with a laughter hangover.  My head is throbbing, my face still hurts, and I am a bit hoarse, but I am full.   Full from the fellowship with my friends, full from the companionship from my spouse, and full from the humor of the evening.  Even though I delight in the nothingness that a free evening can bring, I can appreciate those moments where I connect with others and truly enjoy being among the night dwellers.  Tonight, however, is full of nothing and that is my kind of plan.