Square Peg ● Round Hole







“What does this text you sent me mean?”  This was the question my spouse asked yesterday morning.  I don’t remember sending  him a text, but then when I saw what it was the whole episode came back to me.   I got up to take the girls out to potty about 11:22 pm on Wednesday night.   (You will understand the reason for my exact time in a moment.) At that time, I witnessed a strange car idling a few doors down from our house.  When I came back in the house, the car had moved to the house diagonal from us.   I cursed myself because I didn’t have my glasses and it was a blurry blob, so I rectified the situation and started my tenure as Nancy Drew.  I immediately got my phone and started taking pictures trying to zoom in to get a close up of the license plate. It was a struggle because of the angle, darkness, and my lack of ability to take photos.  Then, thinking I was texting to myself,  I typed out the description of the car and the time of the incident documenting it for when I would need to include law enforcement in on my discovery.

I was smug in my efforts.   As we have had a lot of weird stuff happening in our neck of the woods, I was thinking how amazed the cops would be with my efforts.  I mean, this car is probably casing our homes, so it is my civic duty to be on guard.   As it happened, a few minutes later, someone from the house he was parked in front of came out and got in the car.   And with that, they were gone.   Apparently,  “Nancy Drew” was wrong in her assumption.   It seems that they were simply sitting in front of the wrong house when I first discovered the culprits.

So, after explaining all of this to my spouse, he fell silent.   Yes, I realize that all of this sounds a bit crazy and paranoia has settled into my reasonably peaceful psyche, but after a few weeks of encountering odd shit happening to people I know,  I decided to be safe rather than sorry.   But, it is still good to know that my observation skills are on high alert even if they were wrong…..this time.    Glad to know all of those times pretending I was “Nancy Drew” did not go to waste.