Square Peg ● Round Hole







First, just let me say, I love the irony of Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day colliding.  God has a wicked sense of humor.  If you are new here – reading my blog – understand that I think Valentine’s Day is ridiculous.  No, I am not an angry single person nor am I am angry married person, I simply think that the day is an ad for businesses.    What it says to me is that you can be an asshole for 364 days of the year, but show up on this pimped out holiday with gifts, and you are the king of the world.   Plus, can we say unrealistic expectations?  This is a holiday made up of disappointment.

Now, it is meshing with Ash Wednesday, which is the polar opposite of the holiday of hearts.   If you are a good Catholic – which I am but only partially – you should be fasting today and not eating meat.   So, that means that Moby Dick will be your romantic dinner.  Did your love bring you candy?  Oh, wait, you gave that up for Lent, so I guess you will be eating that on Easter.

Can we address the “sacrifice” that people make for forty days?  First of all, if you are giving up social media or perhaps chocolate, do you think that matches Jesus dying on the cross?  It really doesn’t.   I don’t mean to mock your intentions, but, seriously, how about doing something kind for 40 days?  Or what about, donating 40 items to a worthy cause at the end of the Lenten season?   The man died on the cross.  A hideous death, so get creative and do something that impacts yourself and others.    And for those of you celebrating Valentine’s Day – the Catholic edition – enjoy your fish and being hungry.