Square Peg ● Round Hole







I sent my resume and a cover letter for another writing opportunity.  The description of what was needed seemed right up my alley especially because they want an authentic voice.  In fact, they encouraged the cover letter to veer off the standard, boring introduction which gave me the freedom to be myself.  Feeling accomplished, I googled the publication.  I had heard of them and thought they offered a pretty cool platform, but I didn’t realize that their target demographic were millennials.  I don’t consider myself out of touch, but, honestly, what do I have to offer but some wise words and sarcastic anecdotes?    Not that they asked my age, but I felt old just seeing the word “millennial”.

Then while perusing Pinterest, there were pins suggesting “exercising for the aging” and the picture of some old lady in a leotard.    I know that the internet is creepy enough that it keeps track of your searches, and yes, I happen to be interested in a variety of exercises to keep my workouts fresh, but seriously, I was deeply wounded by the suggestion.

So, here I am in the middle – guess that is why they call it middle-age – figuring out how to stay relevant.    Aging has its perks and while I am not ready for Life Alert, I could use a tracker to tell me why I have walked into a room and where my phone is located.