Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have never been much of a football fan until my son started his gig as the student trainer for his high school team.  And even then, I reserved my cheers for when they were playing.  The whole concept of banging into other people for an odd shaped ball was foreign to me, so when we were invited to a Super Bowl party, I had a different idea of how the evening would play out.  I would eat, engage in conversation, watch the main attraction aka the half-time show and then go home where my pajamas would cheer upon my arrival.   Instead, I was sucked in to the fanfare, cheering for a team that I knew nothing about, and getting completely invested in the outcome.  It was like an alien had inhabited my body.

Of course, I was cheering for the underdog.   Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to put a friendly wager down.  I came home with ten dollars and Bryce won forty bucks because he too believes in the team no one thought could bring home the trophy.   There is something so poignant in watching hard work and resilience radiate through the television screen.

These days I am betting on myself.    I don’t believe in the concept of losing or failing.  I hold on to the vision of learning.    Each opportunity is my chance to shift my perception and grow in the knowledge that will help me get to my next point in life.   Like a football game, I am jockeying for position and my touchdown occurs when I knock down all the obstacles that appear in my path.   Life should never be about losing or failing.  Those are words that should be limited in our vocabulary.    You can’t learn if you don’t put yourself on the line.    True success is when you smile in the face of a challenge and open yourself to all the possibilities it has to offer.