Square Peg ● Round Hole







People might find it odd that I limit my time spent with others.  The times I do mingle are reserved for “my tribe” aka those who understand my limited patience.  I find bliss in quality versus quantity.   While the avoidance of large groups is in vogue now that the flu season is taking many hostage, I was the trendsetter.  I know, you all are simply following in my footsteps.

Even behind the screen, I squash the interaction.   The overgrowth of political stances and opinionated banter seem to be even more of an epidemic than the flu.  I simply don’t want to “catch” the negativity, the untruths that flood the internet, along with crap I simply don’t care about in general.    Yes, I prefer cute puppy videos, adorable photographs of children, and sarcastic memes.

Yesterday, while attending a basketball tournament for my oldest, I was chatting with a friend.   What I found comforting was the same outlook.  The feeling of keeping myself in a bubble to protect from all the harshness of the world.  While some may feel that is living in a denial, I prefer to see it as wearing a mask to protect myself from the “germs” of toxicity.    Surrounding myself with the goodness that my life offers and admitting that I can’t control what goes on around me.     I can pray about it.   I can roll my eyes over it.  But, I can’t fix it.    That doesn’t mean I don’t care.  It doesn’t mean I don’t want change.  It simply means that I prefer to live my life on my own terms.