Square Peg ● Round Hole







All kinds of new opportunities seem to be popping up everywhere.   Part of the process is trying new things.  Learning how to implement different apps.  All day I have felt a little out of my element.

I traveled this morning to tour a plant and part of the task was to take pictures of interesting areas with my phone.  I can barely operate the camera, so this was definitely a little out of my comfort zone.  Imagine doing this while wearing a hairnet and safety glasses.  It was a look that will soon be trending.

The tour went great and I have my photos, so now my job was to put them in a drop box and add captions to them.  Okay, you all are probably amused and many of you may be proficient in all I am describing.  But, for me, I felt a little like my 86 year old mother.  Seriously happy just typing, attaching, and emailing.    But, I prevailed.   It took me a while to figure out the components, but I didn’t give up.

So, I emailed the piece along with my “drop box” link.  I feel so twenty something.  Now, I am a bit wary and I did warn my editor that this was the first time ever being asked to tackle a task like this.   Once I hit send, I felt lighter.   It is one of those moments where I realize how in a year, my life is so different.   The opportunities are so abundant that I can hardly keep up.

Now, I am going to exhale and move to the next task at hand which I think might be a nap.