Square Peg ● Round Hole







Life is built by a series of moments.  If you wish to seize them, you must be ready.   There are those who gaze from the sidelines wondering when it will be their turn and there are others who jump into the action.   I have often said that my youngest is definitely one that seizes the moment.  He just goes for it and he doesn’t allow negative talk or self-doubt get in the way.

His part in his high school play, Rock of Ages, is simply male ensemble.   He dances.  He sings.   His part isn’t really defined until he made it so.    Bryce is one of those people who manifests easily.   We aren’t sure how it all transpired, but as of Sunday, that kid managed to get two lines with two weeks left before opening night. Now, those two lines were offstage as of yesterday, until he was informed he would be onstage for both.  He is a great example of not allowing fear to hinder his journey.  I am going to be more like him when I grow up.

College should be an interesting journey for him.   The sky is the limit and my guess is that Bryce might even surpass that.