Square Peg ● Round Hole







Most that know me are aware of my attachment to all four legged fur babies not just the five I currently have occupying my home.   Two – a Basset hound and an orange tabby – have entered the geriatric phase of life.   Yesterday was all about getting their needs met.  The orange tabby – Lilo – has been having some issues lately that needed to be addressed.  Because I am not a crazy person – most days – I decided to use a mobile vet service.    Mainly for convenience and let’s face it, cats are not always cooperate and this alleviates any trauma that might be inflicted on me.  Yes, me.   I get a little stressed out trying to wrangle and wrestle my cats.  Looks like rodeo gone wrong.

The vet’s assistant was on vacation, so I got to be an intern and help with the process.  We did an x-ray (she had a really high white blood count) to see if there are any oddities and proceeded with a dose of antibiotics, steroids along with an anti-nausea medicine to, hopefully facilitate an improvement.  I donned a x-ray jacket and thyroid collar to press the button while the vet held her down, so I can now check “x-ray technician” off of my bucket list.    Time will tell on her.

Meanwhile, the Basset hound, Presley, somehow injured herself.  At fourteen, she is normally very agile and full of energy, but lately, has been struggling with simple movements.  So, after the mobile vet left, I went to our regular vet to have Presley evaluated.  The diagnosis was that she has a disc issue.  Nothing that can’t be bettered with some steroids and pain pills.    She was happily out of it last night and I am already noticing the benefits of the steroids this morning.

The cycle of life certainly makes me aware of how quickly things can change.   My fur babies are an integral part of my life.   They keep me balanced.  They make me more compassionate and loving.  Mostly they simply accept me without conditions.  It is glaringly obvious my preference for animals over humans.  That’s why, I carefully consider invitations to leave my home.   So, if I agree to leave my house to spend time with you, then you must be one of the five people I deeply care for.