Square Peg ● Round Hole







I wrote a few blogs ago, about being the “Crisis Manager” for my family and, of course, that extends to my mother as well.   I am her primary point of contact since I live in the same town.   We chat on a regular basis and some days there is a crisis.  Nothing like a 911 emergency, but situations that make her unhappy.  Yesterday, it was all about her caregiver.  This is a standard practice as she really would prefer no one be in her residence, but at eighty-six with deteriorating eyesight and hearing, it is a necessity.   We are thrilled she can still reside in her own home with some independence and grateful she has a kind companion who does a fantastic job caring for her.   She really has been a trooper with her changing abilities.  Yesterday, her tangent revolved around her caregiver not doing things she asked immediately.  Doesn’t mean they weren’t done, they just weren’t done in my mother’s time frame.  I listened.   I listened some more.  This isn’t anything new.   After she stops talking,  I respond, “Would you like someone new?”.   And I get a resounding, “No!”.   Crisis averted.

Last night,  Bryce came home from rehearsal and had red splotches around his eyes.   Sunday was the same issue.   I had told him at dinner on Sunday that it appears that he may be allergic to that particular brand of eye-makeup remover and to just use mine.   (Typical that he can only use the more expensive brand and never thought I would be discussing makeup with my son, but since he has been involved in theater, this is my life.)   So, when he arrived home with the same red splotches, I was confused.   His rationalization was “I needed to make sure that those wipes were the issue,”.   Gee, I think the red circles around your eye are a dead giveaway, but, who I am to judge?   He is now using my wipes.   Another crisis……averted, but delayed because my kid is stubborn.

Amazing that I can manage all of these individuals yet, forget where I left my phone.   I even thought that maybe I should add “finding lost items” on my to do list, but actually couldn’t remember five minutes later what I was going to write down.