Square Peg ● Round Hole







I marvel at how sometimes, I can spin what could be construed as a problem as a magical event that turns out better than I could imagine.  Okay, magic doesn’t really have anything to do with it.  It really is my attitude.  Humor is my constant companion.

Take yesterday for example.   Early in the morning, I place a sweet potato in my slow cooker in anticipation of my lunch.   By the way, this process is so much better than the conventional oven, but I digress as usual.   Anyway, I came home around ten to discover that I had turned it on, but lapsed in plugging the appliance in, which is helpful if you desire it cooked.    Instead of getting mad, I took it out and replace it with the vegetables I planned for dinner while being mindful of making use of the plug.  I lived in the solution.

Later, while driving home from a photo shoot in Indiana, I noticed I had a passenger in the form of a spider.   There are a lot of distractions that make drivers wary and texting is a problem, but I think having a spider in the very vicinity of my personal space warrants the number one spot on why people might have an accident.   I might have screamed……a lot.   I may have looked alarming to those drivers nearby.   See, they don’t teach this in driving school.  I mean what is the best way to not kill yourself and others while driving with a spider?   So, I thought about how I could approach this by being in the solution.  Obviously, the solution was getting rid of this creature and I won’t exaggerate and say he was huge, but I will say that he was creepy looking and he jumped, I think.  I can’t be sure as I was trying to be a good driver by keeping my eyes on the road, but I swear, he had jumping capability.   Long story short, I killed him.  It wasn’t pretty in terms of the way it was carried out, and I did use a handy glove to carry out the death sentence.   Then I promptly asked forgiveness for killing one of God’s creatures.

Yesterday, was full of learning opportunities.  Learning that an unplugged slow cooker hinders the cooking process and that spiders make awful travel companions.    I wonder what I will learn today.