Square Peg ● Round Hole







“If you call Student Affairs and tell them I am in the play, I can get a early release.”  This was the opening line upon answering the phone a few minutes ago.   Bryce had a performance this morning for a group of grade school students, so the day has been pretty much a bust as far as the education process goes.   I pondered the statement realizing that the class he would essentially miss, if he left early, was his arch nemesis……AP Statistics.    Because I am not a math connoisseur, the word “statistics” leads me down the dark road to hell, and even though math has always been a friend to Bryce, this particular class has been difficult.    My response was, “No”.   With a followup statement of “I hate to be an asshole,”.    And I do.   He is exhausted from the play and keeping up with homework.  He has another performance tonight.  The voice of reason dictates that going to class might be more beneficial since that is one of his lowest grades.   His tone was not annoyance, but more disappointment.   While all of his friends leave, he has to trudge back to class.    I feel horrible.  Sometimes being a parent is learning how to be the most unpopular person in the room.

I called my spouse to share my experience and his response was, “So you pissed off your mini-me,”.   We laughed.  Humor is the foundation of parenting.  If you can’t laugh, then you might as well curl up in the fetal position.   While decisions made in the best interest of our children are hard, I know that if they are made with an abundance of love, they can never really be wrong.