Square Peg ● Round Hole







“What is different about your face?”  This was the inquiry I made of my youngest son.  Because of his upcoming play, he is required to wear makeup.   After some instruction and a dry run at rehearsal, he had a heavy dose of eye “paint”.  I call it “paint” because that is what my sweet son had done to his eyes.  It was a cross between Adam Ant – if you are too young to know who he is, please use Google – and a Tammy Faye Baker.   And honestly, Tammy’s might have looked better than his.    His response was, “I had trouble getting it to come off,”.   Really?  I can’t imagine why.

Apparently, the director informed him that his application might be “too heavy” and sure enough, it took us a bit of time to remove it all.    This morning, he had raccoon eyes from the mascara and more eye remover was used.  Honestly, I never imagined we would be bonding over makeup, but here we are.    Truth be told, I am not an eye makeup kind of gal, so this is a little unfamiliar to me.  I do know that your face is a canvas and that less is better.   And while under the bright lights of theater, more makeup is prefered, I do believe that it is best not to treat your face like a page from a coloring book.    My life lesson for today……you’re welcome.