Square Peg ● Round Hole







My unusual week started with the demise of our dishwasher. I know – first class problems – but to my chagrin, I went with the flow. No reaction when the appliance grunted, blinked its lights, and was gone. It was quick and painless. RIP dishwasher. You were instrumental in keeping our dishes clean and sparkly. Although lately you had not been doing such a bang up job. I thought maybe you were just slacking as you counted down the days until you would have a vacation when we left town on spring break. But, I guess it was more than that. You were feeling poorly and couldn’t tell us. Maybe I should have been more vigilant. I am sorry I wasn’t there for you and I apologize for Bailey not acknowledging your death when he came home. Instead of asking “are we having a party?” when he saw the large quantities of Solo cups and paper plates, he probably needed to be a little more compassionate. Don’t take offense as that is his usual empathetic nature.

I am assuming that my grief over the dishwasher led me to giving my spouse the wrong container for his lunch. When he went to warm up, what he thought would be a delicious steak penne dish, ended up being an enormous bowl of broccoli. And it could be said that my distraction led me to misplace my keys while at my mother’s house as I loaded up her refrigerator with food. As I longingly looked at her dishwasher, remembering all the good times I had with mine. Like the way it would clean the pan so well when Bailey would forget to spray it when cooking his eggs and all the times it ran two or three times a day when the boys were home for the summer. The sadness welled up in me as I looked down at my softened hands courtesy of Dawn from all the manual dish washing that I have been doing. My mother, who is visually impaired, ended up finding my keys. That should tell you a lot.

So, today, they will take my old dishwasher to the appliance graveyard and replace it with a shiny, new Samsung that will be welcomed with open arms. Yes, the grief I have been feeling will ease as the new replacement takes the dirty dishes and makes them sparkle. It might seem like I have recovered quickly, but I know the old dishwasher would want it this way.