Square Peg ● Round Hole







I should be used to it now.  The chaos brought by someone either forgetting about something or finding out last minute details.  I shouldn’t be surprised the words my youngest uttered to me on Friday night, “I need dress pants for tomorrow night,”. The event was a gala, of sorts, at his school where the cast of the play he is in would be performing a snippet of the production.  I believe the clock said 10 pm.   My first thought was, “WTF” and instantly, went into panic mode.  You see, my son wears khakis to school.  No need for dress pants.  We don’t go anywhere that requires dress pants, so I am thinking “oh crap”.   The other issue was the sizing.  Even if he went out and got new dress pants, he would have to have them altered as he is no jolly green giant which would mean inconveniencing my poor mother-in-law.  She would have done with a smile on her face, but seriously, didn’t want to have to do that.   This was my brain for about thirty seconds before I responded.   “Guess you are going shopping tomorrow.”   So I wrote down his pant size and this would be his task.  This was his problem to solve and after all, he is eighteen.

When I woke up the next morning, I had an epiphany.  What if I emailed the director and shared the predicament?   I bet that she would be sympathetic to our plight and waive the “dress pant” issue.   She was sympathetic, but stood firm on the dress pant rule.  Crap. Bryce got up and was ready to go shopping when I had another epiphany.   I was reluctant to get excited since the first one was a bust, but I had to trust that this one might be the answer.    I encouraged him to try on his brother’s tux.  He did so eagerly which shows how desperate he was to not have to grace a store with his presence.   It fit.   A little tight in the jacket, but it would work for the short term.   We have a winner!!!!     I  was thrilled with my ingenuity, and the whole family was relieved not to hear me complain about the “rule”.

As this particular crisis was successfully averted, I exhaled and was ready to cheer Bailey on while he played in the Special Olympics state basketball tournament.   As I settled into the passenger seat of Brian’s car, he asked, “Do you know where we are going?”.    I marveled at the question upon him then saying, “The passenger is always the navigator,”.   I might have shared some sentence enhancers while expressing my frustration of having to be responsible for EVERYTHING.  There may have been a moment where Brian looked a little frightened.  But, I assumed the position of navigator….with great reluctance.  We got to our destination with no one physically harmed and once Bailey started playing, I realized that isn’t so bad being the “crisis manager” for our family and that they must think a lot of me to ask for my help.   Actually, they are all just lazy, but I wanted to at least give it a little sparkle to make it sound pretty.