Square Peg ● Round Hole







I sat in a room full of high school young men and their mothers today.   This was the annual Mother/Son mass and this would be my last.   I can’t keep track of all the”last” moments that I am experiencing as we inch closer to graduation.   I marvel at the pace of this year and how I am keeping my emotions in check.    As I looked around the room, I smiled at familiar faces, walked over and hugged moms that I knew, and pondered the velocity of the last four years.

As we went to communion, each young man was to pick a flower that would be given to their mother.   I told Bryce that if there were any left, I prefer the ones that are “fuchsia”  to which he asked, “What color is that?’.   When he presented it to – and it was fuchsia – he then said, “I was going to get you two.  One for your sane side and the other for your crazy side,”.  He is such a joy.   And, after the service, he did indeed get me a second one.   The crazy side of me was quite moved and relieved to be recognized.

Before the end, it is customary to have one of the seniors reflect on their own relationship with their mother.   This young man spoke from his heart and articulated the essence of his love for his mother beautifully.   While he spoke, Bryce put his arm around me.   So, grateful I gave up crying for lent or that simply gesture would have sent me into the fetal position.

Of course, the warm, fuzzy feeling evaporated as we drove home and I criticized his driving.   Actually, I said, “You’ve got this” regarding turning into the neighborhood, but he proceeded to wait until there was absolutely no cars in his vicinity to turn. And I might have said it a second time, in an effort to reinforce my confidence in him.  Needless to say, he was annoyed at my suggestion and I was told that since I was not driving, I needed to remain silent.    I made my apology to him even though in my head I might have been sticking my tongue out at him.

Anytime I spend with Bryce from mass to annoying him while he drives is cherished.   Although, his insistence that I be silent instead of giving helpful suggestions is something that probably won’t happen.