Square Peg ● Round Hole







We are experiencing a series of endings. Today, will be Bryce’s final performance of his high school career in the musical, Rock of Ages. I can’t explain to you what an impact this experience has been for him. An experience that he created by simply being willing to step out of his comfort zone.

And while I am sorting through my own emotional luggage, I am reminded that Bryce is sorting through his as well. Sometimes, I can easily forget all the bundles of feelings that he is having. As he said, “it is another ending”. And that it is. While the future is so bright and exciting, there is trepidation as we approach the close of a wonderful four years to focus on a new beginning. I am aware not all kids feel this way as they end their high school career. Most can’t wait for the opening of the door to freedom. But, Bryce and a handful of his friends that I spoke with last night share the same feelings…..sadness.

I love that he is able to express his feelings. The biggest gratitude I have is that he is simply grateful for the experiences. I believe we create our own reality and love seeing firsthand the beautiful scenery that he has painted. What a gift to be present for it all.