Square Peg ● Round Hole







As I write, my phone is in three parts – battery,  the backing and the front – are strewed on my sofa along with my day planner and a host of crap that is helping me write a 1500 word article due tomorrow.   My phone has decided after two years of constant companionship that it no longer wants to have a relationship.   So, to add to my list of responsibilities along with planning a graduation party, and trying to navigate some self-care, I will be going to the Verizon store to introduce myself to a new companion.   But, I am procrastinating.   I compare going to the cell phone store to trying to buy a car.  It is a painstaking ordeal that usually takes longer than it should.  Of course, I could order the phone online, but going a couple of days without a connection would be……amazing…..for me.   Unfortunately, I have people that may need me…..my mother, people I sponsor in my recovery program, and well, I could go on and on, but I am pretty sure you get the picture.

As my phone is resting on my sofa, I am enjoying the peace.  I don’t miss the constant barrage of emails, texts, and phone calls that take away the simplicity of life.   I actually went to the grocery store this morning with no phone.  Oh my God, how did we ever function prior to our appendage?   Of course, I do sometimes panic if I happen to forget it.  Like, somehow, I am on an island and if something happens, no one will ever know.   All of this because of a phone.

I may get to the store today to bury my old friend in favor of something new.  Or I may wait.  If you have a non-life threatening situation, send some smoke signals, call my kids or maybe my spouse.   For all other emergencies, call 911.  I bet their phone works.