Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am baffled at the events that will unfold today.  We are going to Bryce’s intended college to register him for his freshman year.  It feels like yesterday, that I barely stopped the car and shoved him out on his first day of kindergarten.   This is the type of emotional state one happens to be in when a child refuses to sleep for three years, so reserve your judgement.    I am a blend of emotions, but mostly am truly looking forward to what the future has in store.

My “fun sucking” husband and ungrateful youngest have nixed me bringing Fathead Bryce.   Brian says that I should get a new one to indicate his upcoming college journey and Bryce just doesn’t want me to embarrass him.   These two simply don’t get the joy I have whenever Fathead Bryce is included in any given situation.   He brings laughter anywhere he goes, he doesn’t cost me money, he doesn’t talk back, and he always has a smile on his face.  Of course, it is all worth it when I see the annoyance in Bryce’s face, but deep down, I think he really likes it or maybe he will discuss this  with a therapist at some point.  Either way, I am winning this mother gig.

So, we head down to the bustling metropolis that is Bowling Green, Kentucky -honestly, it is compared to when I was there – and take a step into Bryce’s future.   I will restrain myself from saying “when I was here…..” because he always retorts with “things change in thirty years”.  I will also be mindful that I am merely a spectator on his life ride and try to keep my mouth shut.  Don’t laugh, it can be done…..maybe.    Oh well, I am just going for the willingness to mind my own business.  That might be more successful.