Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am a competent person most of the time.  If I am not sure of something, I will work to figure it out and then when my patience has left, I will ask for help.  That is my process.  Yesterday, if you read my blog, you either laughed or rolled your eyes at my coffee maker debacle.    While my day did get increasingly better as a result of my gratitude, my run-ins with appliances seemed to be the theme.

The night before, I started a load of laundry and then put it in the dryer once we got home from dinner.  Didn’t think anything of it until late yesterday when I decided to sort them.   Upon opening the dryer, I could feel that they were still damp, so I closed the door and pressed start.  Nothing happened.    I pressed it again.   Nothing happened.  You get the idea of the insanity that runs through my head, right?  I mean, if I simply keep pushing the button, it should work.  Well, it didn’t.  At this point, I am not mad or even annoyed.  I simply texted the contact that I had for property management and relayed the problem.   While I waited, I implored Brian’s help just to see if I was missing something.   Let’s face it, I lean on the side of being clueless sometimes, so an extra set of eyes is always a good thing.    Brian checked the circuit breakers.  All good.  He turned on the light to see better and push the start button again.    The tumbling started and I laughed out loud, then proceeded to text the property management a “never mind” text.  Obviously, I am not to be trusted with appliances of any kind.

This morning, I made Brian in charge of the coffee and viola, the hot beverage was delicious.   Now, you may be thinking that this is all a motive to get Brian to do all of the work.  Frankly, I didn’t think of it until now and I think that is genius.  Hopefully, he won’t read this blog.