Square Peg ● Round Hole







On Friday, I called my Mom to check in with her.   It rang and rang and rang until the voice mail came on indicating that I could leave a message.  I didn’t.   I wasn’t too concerned as she does like to nap or quite possibly the television volume was up so high, she didn’t hear the phone.   I tried about an hour later, still no answer.   Then I started getting concerned.   She won’t wear a Life Alert, so if she falls and can’t get up – as the commercial goes – she would be stranded.

I voiced my concern to Brian who suggested I try one more time a little later and if there was still no answer, we could ride over to check on her.     I nodded agreeing that was a good idea, but then I thought about how my mother locks her house up like Fort Knox. I have told her that the deadbolt is more than sufficient and that if there is an emergency, I would not be able to get inside without having someone breakdown the door. She also will not carry her cellphone around with her in case of an issue.  Honestly, that is fine since the times she has used it and I don’t answer, she leaves a message to have me call her back.  When I do, I realize that she has turned her phone off.  Kind of defeats the purpose of said cellphone. She doesn’t comply well with rules.

And don’t get me started on the scenarios that were running through my head.  Like she is lying at the bottom of the stairs or she passed out from the sweltering heat of her home.  The second one is probably more likely to be me.  Her home is like a constant hot flash.

So, I tried her a third time and she answered.  There was instant relief.

“Mom, I have been trying to reach you for over two hours and you didn’t answer.”

“Oh, I was on the phone.  You should have gotten a busy signal.”

“Ummm…… You have call waiting, Mom.  Busy signals are a thing of the past.”

“Well, it was so nice you were worried about me.”  And that was it.  Then she proceeded to tell me about her phone call with her friend of fifty plus years.

Big exhale.

My life continues to be a series of comedy episodes with some interesting characters.  I am thinking that maybe I need a Life Alert instead.