Square Peg ● Round Hole







My day yesterday was, well, odd.    It started off with a wonderful breakfast supporting my beautiful friend and an incredible mission to supply housing for all individuals with intellectual disabilities.  But then, it got twisted and weird.

When driving my oldest to work, he said to me, “Mom, tell Dad not to whine about his clothes being cold,”.  I pause.  You see, Bailey does his own laundry and Brian’s clothes happen to be in there as well.   We have been through the cold versus wet scenario, so you can imagine my thought process as we traveled toward his job site.   “So, you realize that they are still wet, right?”  Hoping that something has resonated which it hadn’t.  Then I felt his uniform and it was partially wet.  Not soaking, but enough to warrant some more dryer time.   I sigh.  I get impatient and he grows silent.   Another sigh.    So, on top of all of the work projects I had going on yesterday, I got the pleasure of going through all of the folded laundry that had been put away and putting it back in the dryer.   This appears to be an ongoing battle that I seem to be under qualified to handle.

As the day progressed, I had the opportunity to smile politely and nod my head as someone basically  “took care” of an assignment for me. They feel certain verbiage needs to be included and what it really meant was they wrote the whole piece. Keep in mind it is mine to write but their thought was to “help me out”  because there is a certain way it must presented.  Another sigh.   I thanked this individual knowing full well that I will write my feature as I see fit.    Another big sigh and maybe a redundant spew of sentence enhancers.

Today, it continues as I took my car in for an oil change only to be told that there is a recall on it and it is an all day deal.  The recall is on all of my door latches.  Apparently, there is a chance that all the doors will lock and I can’t get out or the reversal with it not be able to open from the outside.   Super!

So, I flow.  Even when the undercurrent of life is challenging me to do otherwise.   I curse a little.  Maybe lose my shit for a moment.  But, in the end, it really is just small stuff and not really worth the time.   Plus, there is a source of amusement to each of these situations and laughter cures my thought of homicide which is always a benefit to everyone around me.