Square Peg ● Round Hole







I try not to engage in the rumor mill. It is the most unreliable source of communication that tends to get twisted in the deliver. So, maybe you hear so and so had surgery – a little tuck -and then by the time the story makes it rounds, she now has had a face lift, nose job, and looks like Phyllis Diller. And while rumors are never good to spread, I can’t help but share the juicy gossip that I heard today.

As I looked out my window on this spring day, I was pleased to see my Serviceberry tree starting to bloom. Grateful, I smiled and then paused because a surge of snow flurries started to descend to the ground. That is when I knew that the rumor I heard has some validity. You see, Old Man Winter and Mother Nature had a bit of a falling out or maybe it was a misunderstanding. Something about her being a two-timing slut. Nevertheless, he is royaly pissed at her. According to sources, she was either caught with Jack Frost or maybe it was the Easter Bunny. Anyway, Mother Nature has been on a bender. There have been many interventions, but it seems as if she has gone so far over the edge even Father Time can’t reach the darkness that she has entered. Old Man Winter is seeking revenge. Unfortunately, many innocent people are suffering in the wake of his anger. There are confused trees and flowers. I personally don’t no whether to wear flip flops or snow boots.

There has been a missing season’s report put out for spring. Rumor has it that Old Man Winter is holding spring hostage until Mother Nature stops drinking and cheating on him. Let’s pray that this can be fixed. Let’s send lots of good vibes to Old Man Winter for he is hurting and maybe Mother Nature can sober up. In the meantime, I am wearing my flip flops inside my snow boots.