Square Peg ● Round Hole







This week has been a series of eye-rolling blended with some colorful language.  People have been well, weird and I have been muttering to myself all week like a crazy person.  My face hurts from “pretend” smiling and I am probably two slices short – maybe three – of a full loaf of bread.    But, it’s Friday and I feel like I am sliding in home plate and finally, scoring a run.    Okay, it might be Friday the 13th, but seriously, after some of the bizarre encounters I have had, I will take it because, well, it’s FRIDAY!!!!

I am not superstitious in the least when it comes to Friday the 13th.  I don’t buy into that belief that this particular day is “unlucky” or that unfortunate things can happen because that could be any day.      Anything is going to be better than the “helpful” individual who thinks they are writing my feature for me – (got an email yesterday assuring me that I would receive the piece by Saturday).   But, finally yesterday as the dust settled, I got another email giving me affirmation on a piece I wrote.   I know that I don’t need a pat on the back, but after the week I have had where I seem to be coming up short in a lot of areas, a little positive reinforcement is always welcome.

And there is it…..the exhale.   The conclusion from an interesting week, but at least I can laugh at it.  I remember a time I would have taken the criticisms and the “helpful” person wanting to write my article all very personally.   Today, I don’t.  It isn’t about me.  It is about them.  Whether it is a control issue or perhaps their ego, I can just smile and move forward.   Take what I like and totally leave the rest.    The shift in my attitude is really all that is needed.