Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am one of those people who enjoys the time away, but once vacation is over, I pack up with no complaints.    A break is nice, but my life is pretty great and the time away simply reinforces that belief.   We left our beach oasis at 6 am yesterday morning, after first stopping at Starbucks.  I am all about getting home, but I need a little caffeine to clear away the cobwebs.    Of course, we ran into a bit of traffic since the entire country all went to the same place, but managed to arrive home by 6:30 last night.

There is something about getting home and being incredibly grateful that I get to live here.  That despite the ebbs and flows of life, this house is our oasis.   It is the memory box that holds all the celebrations, sadness, sickness, first moments of our boys, and a host of other occasions.     Sometimes I can take what is right in front of me for granted.  That is why I love getting away, so that I come back with an incredible appreciation.

On our way home, we passed the town where Bryce will go to college.  Next weekend, we will go with him to register him for his freshman year.   Shit is starting to get real.  But, instead of me trying to stop time, we are planning our next season of life.    Bailey turned 23 yesterday and for the life of me, I can’t believe I even have a child that old.    With all the changes around me, I am dwelling in the celebration.

So, I sit in my cozy living room with my piping hot cup of coffee eager to reenter my reality.   Eager to find out what lies ahead and grateful that the breaks that I take leave me full of gratitude.