Square Peg ● Round Hole







I was a little prickly this morning that was a blend of impatience, frustration, and the lack of communication with several different projects on my “to do” list.    In fact, I was ready to write about assumptions and what damage that they can do, but I ran out of time and frankly, that was probably a good plan on God’s part.   In the end, it would have made me sound like a complainer.     What ended up happening is me getting the message – very loudly – that all this stuff that annoys me isn’t really that big of a deal.  And, sure, life is crazy and unpredictable, but the message I got today grounded me.

This morning I was invited to be of support to my very good friend whose brother also has special needs.  It was a breakfast to share the mission of this amazing community that caters to the development and success of these inspiring individuals.   I know my friend’s story, but today, with a hundred other people, it hit me.   Sitting next to Bailey, I realized, like I do on numerous occasions that this is the big picture.  Working together with others to make a difference.   Learning from those who society labels as disadvantaged.     As I listened to her share, tears streamed down my face and my heart simply burst at the amount of love I felt for her and those on the same mission of creating a better world for people like Bailey and her brother, Robert.

It is all about the shift for me.  Seeing the world in a different light.  It makes the other stuff melt into a mound of discarded assumptions, expectations, and miscommunications.    I was a whole lot lighter leaving than when I came in and frankly, sometimes I need those simply, yet powerful reminders.    It is God’s way of refocusing me on what is really important.