Square Peg ● Round Hole







Disappointment and discouragement met me as I started my day.   My health regiment with an eye on losing weight and toning isn’t going my way.   I have tweaked and tweaked some more until I am tweaked out.   But, what happened an hour later was a true miracle in my world.  You see, I used to allow those double D’s to ruin my outlook.  I allowed them to define me, so I could make excuses as to why I wasn’t exercising, completing a project, or whatever was on life’s abundant buffet.  Today I allowed them to inspire me.

Life brings an array of opportunities to look at any given situation differently.   My outlook isn’t defined by what society deems as a failure.   Failure is not about the outcome.  Failure is allowing the concept of disappointment and discouraging thoughts to cloud my view.   I am not a product of what didn’t workout.  I am a product of my willingness to commit, to work hard, and to allow myself some grace in that process.

The double D’s didn’t win today and I have my own love for me to thank.   It is an inside job, friends, and the project is still very much under construction.