Square Peg ● Round Hole







“How are you?”  That seems to be question of the hour when I see or chat with people via text.  As we inch closer and closer to graduation – 8 days away from now – I am reminded that I am not the only one walking through a series of emotions.   We all are experiencing our own feelings about this transition, but I am the first to forget the impact this has on Bryce.

Yesterday, after completing his last day of high school, he walked the halls to say “goodbye” to his teachers.   Not just the ones from this year, but all those he had throughout his four year tenure.  He thanked them for teaching him because each one of them had an impact on him.   Bryce has always had an appreciative heart.  Some might have thought he was simply a “suck up”, but he is genuine in his actions.   He had an incredible high school experience by what he chose to make of it.    Now, he is having a hard time letting go.

When he came home, I asked him how he was feeling.   He responded, “I’m not sure,”.  The rawness of his answer comforted me because I feel the same way.   There is so much to celebrate, but the reality is quickly setting in as the dynamic in the house will change and Bryce will set out to make his mark in the world.

There is vulnerability in embracing discomfort even if it is brought on by the most blessed events.    I have to remember that we are all experiencing our own set of emotions and we will all process them differently.   All I have to do is to simply show up, immerse myself in the moment, and not to project into what the future is going to look like.  Sounds so simple, but when you are experiencing a barrage of feelings, it becomes more complex.   So, I will take one moment at a time and be grateful for the experience.