Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am paying close attention to self-care at this point in time.  With all of distractions around me, it is vital that I exercise, eat right, get plenty of sleep and meditate.  Meditation for me, has been a way for me to quiet myself in a noisy world.   Guided meditations have worked best as they allow me to focus on what is being said rather then the squirrel rave residing in my mind.  So, I thought maybe a sleep meditation would be helpful to incorporate, but little did I know that would not bring me any peace.

The app I found has a selection of meditations to pick from, so the one that said “Deep sleep” was an obvious choice.  That is until I heard the guy’s voice.  It was a cross between Barney and Dick Vitale.  I knew this one would not lull me to sleep, so I searched some more.   The next one started out with the sound of water.  Now, I am a fifty year old woman, so even the thought of water running makes me need to urinate, so I moved onto another one.   Upon the first words of the woman guiding this sleep meditation, I thought “finally”.   As I relaxed, she asked me to imagine lying on a beach with the sun warming my face.   Then she asked me to imagine getting up from the beach and walking through a meadow.  I did it even though I was perfectly happy residing in the sand.   Then after the meadow, I was to imagine a climbing a small hill.   By this time, I was wondering how was I suppose to relax when I am climbing a hill after walking through a meadow.

I nixed the sleepy meditation and found that I was actually tired.  The exhaustion was probably brought on by the extensive hike I had to visualize in my mind.   Whatever the case, I slept well and might revisit this concept.  Perhaps researching this prior to bedtime would be helpful.