Square Peg ● Round Hole







Through social media, you can create the perfect life with the ideal children and a doting spouse.   Like a movie set, photos and words can illustrate a life that anyone would envy.  Sadly, it isn’t real.    I was talking with a neighbor recently who moved to our neighborhood two months ago from Tampa.   She was sharing how inadequate she felt being around other mothers who have it all “together”.   I laughed and laughed with my response being, “Yeah, they only appear to have it together.  The reality is that they go home and once behind closed doors, the illusion cracks and falls into a heap on the floor.”   Truth being, we are all imperfect as we walk through life.  The women in my life are real.  They don’t hide behind a fake persona.  They don’t act as if they know what they are doing.    We all figure it out together.     When my kids were little, if no one was seriously maimed, I felt as if I were winning the mom game.

As women we are entirely too hard on each other which is why I think some feel the need to put on an “act”.    It’s sad really and exhausting to be honest.  It is like living two separate lives…..one for the world and one in private.    Maybe one day everyone can live an authentic life.     Free to simply be themselves.    There is no room for perfection in an imperfect world.   That in itself is a freeing.