Square Peg ● Round Hole







I don’t know about you, but when I am hosting a party, I tend to operate on full red alert.  On Saturday morning, I had a list of things to accomplish in a few short hours.  Brian asked how he could help and I sent him out to pick up the desserts.  An hour later, still no spouse and the location of the bakery was around the corner from our home.  I call and say with a laugh, “Did you run away from home?”  He responds, “No, I just got done at Golf Galaxy where they fitted me for my new irons.”   Ladies, can you think about where I would like to put said irons?   He did return with the desserts, but I continue to be baffled and annoyed by his version of helpfulness.   It confirms my suspicions that men have an attention span of a gnat unless it is serving their primary purpose.

Once “party red alert” expired, the party was a roaring success.   I never know how it will unfold, but as usual, I am always surprised as how effortless it all looks when all is said and done.    Four months of preparing and in a blip of three hours, it is over.  I can exhale.    The collective group of people generated from all areas of our life. I think the highlight to me about the whole night was that his two mentors from Trinity came to celebrate with us.  They are the ones that gave him the foundation and really helped mold him into the amazing young man that he is.  Reason number 1000 why this school has a piece of my heart.

People continually ask if I am keeping it together.  Have I melted into a puddle of tears yet?    No.  There have been a few moments when my eyes have glistened.  I am sure that moment will come when I pack him up and send him on his way for his next great adventure.     Until then, I will simply enjoy him…….until he gets on my nerves.

Graduation 2018 has come to a close.   I am exhausted from all the celebrating, but grateful to all of those individuals who took the time to commemorate the moment with us.  The party gave me great insight into all those who have truly supported this journey.