Square Peg ● Round Hole







As I watch the royal wedding, I am reminded how magical a fairy tale can be.  Two people from different worlds finding love.  The prince finding his princess.  Watching the loving looks, the subtle smiles, and the hints of a true and deep respect for one another, I am given hope.   The message of the power of love and how it can change the world.

It reminds me that we aren’t all that different.  That we all crave happiness, love, acceptance and tolerance.  Yesterday, when Bailey received his honorary alumnus award, that was the message as well.  I can’t begin to tell you the bubbling of emotions that I experienced yesterday when I felt the collective embrace of an entire community for my son.

And after he received his award, one of the faculty members shared his message of hope to the soon-to-be graduates.   That the only thing you have power to change is yourself.  Life isn’t fair.  God has a plan and many times, it will be different from what you intended.    We need more of that in the world.  More encouragement instead of criticism. More acceptance instead of intolerance.   More of anything that is positive.  More of what blends us instead of divides us.

But, yesterday, there was yet another shooting.  Racism is getting louder and louder.  We are judgmental and intolerant of one another.  There is a restlessness that is expanding.  And yet, here I sit in my corner of the world trying to blanket myself in the glow of yesterday, in the message from the American bishop speaking at the royal wedding, and in the hope of the graduates of 2018.    Hope is everything.  Without hope, we become a desolate island that dwells in the despair.

So, as I move forward this weekend, I celebrate hope, love, tolerance and acceptance.  Focusing on the goodness instead of the darkness that can overwhelm my outlook.