Square Peg ● Round Hole







The clock inched to 5 o’clock.  I knew that minutes after the bewitching hour, I would be receiving a phone call from my mother.   We have been trying to find a permanent caregiver in the wake of her previous one being ill and not coming back.   The revolving door of substitutes has put both of us over the edge, but finally, I was hopeful.  The day before I spent the bulk of my time gathering the troops, reiterating that we all need to be on the same page as no one seemed to be, and basically annoying the crap out of people until they were forced to do my will.

Yesterday, I received word that we were a go.  As one of my friend’s suggested, there should be a Tinder app for this.  Anyway, all was well until the phone rang an hour before this young woman was to appear on my mother’s doorstep.

“Allison, I don’t feel up to anyone coming today.  I need you to cancel.”

“No, I am not cancelling.    It took a lot of effort to get this individual and we need to see if you all are compatible.”

“I don’t want anyone coming today.”

I went into a bit of a tirade only to realize that she had hung up on me.    It’s a shame really because she missed some very good points although I don’t know if she could have grasped them through my screaming.

So, I went about my day.  Hoping. Praying. I think at some point I had God in a headlock so he would be forced to have things go my way.   The ticking of the clock – actually it is digital but ticking is more dramatic – put me on edge.   At 5:10, the phone rang and I it was indeed my mother.

“Thank you for making me have a caregiver today.  She was a delight.   We spent the day getting to know each other.”

“You’re welcome.  I am so glad it worked out.”  (Inside I am doing the happy dance.)

“Should we sent flowers or something to the person who arranged all of this?”

“Well, that would be me, so no”

“Do you want something?”

“Yes, for you to have a caregiver, so I am not driven crazy.”

She laughed.  I was serious.

So, for now, we have a match.   I can only hope that this one sticks for a while as I might have to commit myself to a mental institution if it doesn’t.