Square Peg ● Round Hole







I know that this concept has been with me all along, but there is comfort in knowing that I don’t have to do anything in life alone.    Sure, there is the part of me that believes that I don’t need anyone, but the truth is, I am better when I ask for help or work with someone on a common goal.

For what seems like forever, I have have been on a mission to be healthier through diet and exercise.  Being a tad over the age of 50, the body has decided to give me the finger.  It wants to hold onto the lingering weight and it bellows when I exercise.  But, a miracle happened.   My spouse decided to jump on board with me.   Using the same app, we are logging our intake, exercise, and sharing the bond of changing our health.   It is amazing the positive impact it has when you have a support system in place.

Of course, I get a little annoyed.  After all, men lose weight effortlessly.  It is as though they simply think about it and viola, the weight is gone.   And here I am, trying to master the secret of losing weight after 50.

The fact that we are both willing is the biggest triumph and working together can only be beneficial.   So, while I still struggle, it is nice to know that I am supported and I never have to do anything alone.