Square Peg ● Round Hole







Life is built around a series of reactions.   I used to live on the edge always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Of course, that was before my spouse stopped drinking, but I teetered on the edge even on a good day.  On my worse days, I was an overreactive  psychopath who spun like a tornado destroying everything in my path.   That version of my life was exhausting.

For me, I take life’s challenges in stride, but use sentences enhancers to illustrate my frustration to others. (Facebook no longer enjoys my descriptive language and won’t run my ads if I cuss in my blog, so I have to be a good little soldier and cleanup my potty mouth.  Don’t worry, if you see me in public, you most certainly will enjoy an F-bomb or two.)  It really is all in my reaction.   We have had some bumps in the last few months, but either I am growing soft or possibly maturing, but my sentiment has been “okay, let’s gather more information” or “well, I guess we will see how God will unfold this”.   It is a fascinating and refreshing way to approach even the darkest of issues.

Now, I am not saying I don’t freak out or lose my sanity.(I really want to the other “S” word, but again, I am being an excellent rule follower.)  I just have found a way to accept the situation and move forward.  When I do momentarily become reactive and release my colorful language, I realize that is simply part of the process of getting to a stage of embracing where I am.  Acceptance doesn’t mean I like it, but it does mean I have acknowledged that it is out of my realm of  control and there is a power greater than me working on the outcome.   It is exhausting doing life any other way than walking through difficult situations instead of avoidance.  There is always goodness in any situation.  It just depends on what my perception is at the moment of impact.