Square Peg ● Round Hole







Our journey to our Disney adventure started on a direct flight to Tampa.  We were spending a few days with Brian’s dad and step-mom before boarding the most magical cruise in the world.   Of course, one of the only few direct flights happened at the crack of dawn, but by 7:30 am, we had safely landed to start round one of our vacation.  As we proceeded off of the plane, the captain looked at Bryce and said, “Live the Fourth” referring to his retreat necklace.  Then he saw that Brian had on a Trinity shirt and shared that he was also an alum.  Small world…..not.   As they chatted some more, they figured out they were in the same class as well.   And then he looks at Brian and asks, “weren’t you the guy that had the Mustang and was in a really bad car wreck?”  Of all the things you want to be known for in high school, I am guessing that isn’t one of the them, but whatever, it was a connection.

During the exchange, my spouse sports his big ass headphones hooked into his tablet.  He is still half listening to a podcast while conversing with this gentleman.  As we part ways, I asked Brian his name and other specifics as I was a few people ahead.  I should have known he didn’t get the information or quite possibly he was so absorbed into his podcast, he missed that golden moment.  As we go into the train that would deliver us to baggage claim, my spouse decide to start twerking still draped in his headphones.  Way too early for that.  Actually, it is always too early for that display, but that is the package that I am married to.  People inquire all the time about what Brian was like drinking.  My comment has been that he is exactly the same except now he is sober.   He enjoys watching all of us grimace, roll our eyes, and simply groan in our annoyance of his unpredictable behavior.

So, on this Father’s day, I think it is only appropriate to honor the man who keeps his family on their toes.  The man that we walk several feet ahead to simply disassociate ourselves in case of an unfiltered outburst.    The man who shows the boys to never take themselves too seriously.    They are lucky to have a role model who shows them that being imperfect is simply part of  being human and humility is the foundation to build upon.