Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am a planner.  I make lists.  Then there are other lists that assist the first list.  Then I get distracted.  Not sure if the items on one list are agreeable with the other list.   Of course, packing always sends me into several different directions.    On a good day, I can remember why I walked into a room.  It might be an hour later, but the memory surfaces.   Right before a trip, it seems that all of the pieces are moving.  It is similar to a Pac Man game which I was never very successful doing.

It is only when I arrive at my destination that I can exhale.   Preparing for a trip that is suppose to relax you is stressful.    I no longer pack in advance because I forget what I have packed and then end up unpacking the suitcase.  It totally defeats my purpose of getting things accomplished early.

Then there is the component of allowing my adult children the dignity of not hounding them with constant reminders of what to and what not to pack.   I have slowly learned that Bailey tunes me out and screams at me, “Mom, I know what to do”, which is such a delight for those of who think because he has Down syndrome he is always sweet.

But then when I put it in terms of “this is a vacation to which I am very grateful to be able to do”,  my tense shoulders begin to relax and my jaw starts to unclench.    All is well.  I just have to get the squirrels having a rave in my head to comply with what I already know.

So while I am on hiatus, I won’t be publishing any new material, but I promise that when I get home there will be lots and lots of stories to tell.  I mean it is a Disney cruise for God’s sake.  There will be lots of humorous details to share.  In the meantime……be safe…..be kind…….and be willing to laugh at yourself..